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just want you to know we're listening!

Yes, we are listening. Some of us also think you are one of the bravest women we know for sharing this so openly.

I've been dancing with the demon depression all my life. What works for me, is to make art, and to remember that change is possible. No matter how bad I might feel today, tomorrow will be different. Maybe not better, maybe not worse, but different. Keep on keeping on...
(and if you haven't read it, you might find 'Art Is A Way Of Knowing' useful; some of the exercises in it helped me to change my life completely. You'll find it on Amazon.)

wow, what an absolutely amazing story. thank you for expressing so honestly what is still a painful experience. just sharing it to others will shed light on things they are going through. bravo to you.

thank you for sharing...my question to you now is: how do you express that idea - to a bi-polar man - who neither ackknowledges that he has it nor has long moments of lucidness...It's tough to share emotion with him - my brother. It is hard to be around him, it is hard on my mom. You do give me hope in your words.

Thank you for sharing this Chel. This blog is amazing and I am so proud of you for opening yourself up and being a light to others who are going through dark times. Suicide is such a deep dark place that many people are unable to talk about it and I think by sharing this story that it will give others the courage to speak up and maybe even for someone to ask for help. Thanks again! And I want to say that I am one (of many!) people who have been touched by your kindness. I believe God had a plan for you and part of that was to be such a light for others.

I am thinking about sharing your blog with the depression/anxiety group that I lead at work. Please let me know if that would be okay with you.

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