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I wish my parents understood all this.

I have a few mental illnesses and glad to get an email alerting me to this blog. I'll be visiting again.

Member of ZNE (I think).

I cannot even begin to imagine, but loving them anyway is about all you can say. There is a woman at my church who I am sure is bipolar, just from observing her behaviors...but one shouldn't assume. She is soooooo hard to be kind to, one just has to decide to be kind anyway, and try to remember that it is the illness talking and she is still a child of God....but then I haven't raised her and don't try to live with her 24/7.

what I have learned, (chel sort of alludes to it above, is the only thing you can control is YOUR reaction to a situation. yes, there were incredibly stressful things going on and horrid things happening to me....I couldn't stop them, they were life events. but I try to control how I respond. I can choose to respond in a hateful way, or I can choose to walk away, or I can choose to look for what's working...whatever the event. all I can control is MY response. whewww.....

my prayers are with all of you that struggle with these issues personally or with your family memebers.

The hardest part of bi-polar disease for me was accepting the fact that I was bi-polar. Then, accepting the fact that I would have to begin to take medication(s) if I wanted to change my life. From my experience, I always found a way to lay blame on others, my moods, my hysterics, my ups and downs were always "because of something or someone else". Towards the end, just before I consented to see a doctor, I was so bad off that I was finally relieved to think there might be an answer for my craziness. I don't know how my husband put up with me for all those many years. I don't know how my son put up with me. In retrospect, I don't like the old me. I love the new me. You'd have to pry my meds out of my "cold dead hands". I have such compassion and respect for others who suffer.

I have a child who has bipolar-2, the less manic sort. I have found NAMI to be a great source of information about our local resources and dealing with just the issues you have described. The fear for yourself and your family is very concerning to me. As terrible as it will be, please consider a restraining order or calling the police to keep everyone safe. If your child has fixated on you in particular, you must let someone else deal with her in your place,
a preacher, case worker or a trained police officer. Regardless, safety for you and your family has to be your priority.
Good Luck (((hugs)))

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