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If you have any interest, you can find The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh in paperback. Very readable & really interesting (Especially if you have a book of his paintings to cross reference)

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Vincent Van Gogh suffered from anxiety and increasingly frequent bouts of mental illness throughout his life, and died largely unknown. It is very important to undergo proper depression treatment to cure any kind of depression or anxiety disorder and stay happy.
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But enough of insects for now. You may be asking what this has all got to do with YOU? As usual, I'm leading you along a path and toward a target, however unexpected, convoluted, and latent. In the next few posts.

This is a really difficult illness because I have it I have to personalities and that's hard to concentrate when I'm in the University, also I have bipolar disorder for that reason I can comprehend this illness.

dogs are friends of human beings

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That shows the personality in you. Nice art.

Nice coffee shop painting.

Major depressive disorder is usually considered a disorder of young adults. It often begins between ages 18 and 45...but can begin in childhood or old age.

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