12 aprile 2007



Shosh -

So glad to have you as a fellow ZNEer. You make the altered world go round!

(And, I think of you whenever I wear my grippy sox!)

xo - Chel


Shoshanah, I've just had the pleasure of meeting you through ZNE ... and hope to get you know you better! I have browsed your website, it's FABULOUS! Wishing you all the best this day and always ... Dana


wow -- sniff! ya'll totally made my day!!! my momoko dolls are miffed that they weren't mentioned -- lol -- they are so uptight, but my blythe is chill. : )


Yikes! Well, we can't miffed momokos.

They have now been added to your list of passions. Quick - let 'em know!

xoxo - Chel

Dawn Lippincott

Hannah Grey is new to me and I love her and her store!!! the yahoo group is a wonderful place to go and giggle and share things we love!! Thanks Shosh your just the sweetest!


oh good, thank you chel! all the stomping and door slamming has been driving me crazy! it's like living with a bunch of teenagers! lol i'm not really loony -- i just pretend. : )


Mmmmm...how did I skip leaving Shosh some love your special day?!! Must have been while I was sick...anyway....I love the art this lady makes and I LOVE to shop at Hannah Grey EVEN MORE!!!

Capt. Impossible

Fabulous stuff, Shosh. Truly supercool.

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