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10 settembre 2007



oh my!! how shocked I am Chel!!

I wouldn't be here at ZNE without you, my sweet friend.

You are the heart of all this, I remember the day you picked me to be a fondante member just like it was yesterday, how thrilled I was... you saw something in my art, when I was at my lowest, wondering who the heck am I fooling, I'm not an artist~ thank you for including me, I am honoured!!

xo ~Bella

Melissa Fuchs

What a fantastic choice for the Spirit of ZNE!!! I adore her work! It is really special. When I watched Bella's "You Tube" video on her blog, I was left speechless. It was powerful, wonderful, and beautiful. It held my attention the entire way through it. I just couldn't look away! -Congratulations, Bella!! I am so proud for you.


YEA!...Our pretty Bella is the Spirit of ZNE!!!!! Your work is BEAUTIFUL and amazing just like you!!! If from afar, I'm so glad to know you and your artwork!
BIG Congrats!!!!
xo Tiffany :)

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Hey, great choice! Yay, Izabella! You inspire me - and everyone - with your beautiful work and graciousness.


Is it true you're moving up my way???

Judy K

Perfect choice for the Spirit of ZNE! You inspire me everyday! Both your art and sweet spirit.


Isabella is a such a huge inspiration for me, and she is my favorite artist. Her artwork just touches me so deeply, and brings me such peace inside.

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