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    venerdì 29 febbraio 2008


    Lisa Gallup

    You crack me up with your, "I'm continuing to draw even tho I cannot draw." lol I'm trying to draw more, too. Haven't gotten up the courage to post on Illustration Friday, tho! Good job!


    A cute illo and love your message!!

    Diane Duda

    Too cute! Love the look on his face!
    I only started drawing a few years ago...4 maybe. And this is way better than my first attempts.
    Just draw EVERYDAY!

    I don't check ZNE like I should. Can you keep me up to date on the Pink Sky project and what I might do to contribute?



    you're doing a great job! i dont think that a hungry frog is going to be fussy :D nice ilo.

    :) Silvia

    Well, actually he doesn't look very hungry ;-))

    Donna Cook

    very wonderful! i admire all that you do in the art world!


    Well, I'm sure they do, and they get stung on the tongue! :-)


    macielter,macielter and ha

    I see you are looking for me?


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