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    sabato 31 gennaio 2009


    Donna Cook

    so happy for you and where you are today! and hope for happiness tomorrow and everyday there after! love! joy! peace!

    Roni Seabury

    CONGRATULATIONS You made it!! I'm so happy to hear all is well and you left the hospital with good memories. I'll be writing soon. Love, Roni


    Oh Chel!! That is wonderful news. Home...home at last!! What a wonderful sound that is. I am so glad for you. Now don't over do. Enjoy your art sojourn. Hugs and health and peace,


    i've been thinking of you.



    So glad you are home and reconnecting with your artist self. May each day be better and easier for you.

    and yes, I will definately be the matchmaker if the time comes for you both LOL. Did he tell you about his music?


    I am so happy to hear that you are home. I know how much you must have missed your family.

    Please remember if you need anything I am free to help out. Just let me know!



    Chel, you sound so much better, it's always better to be home. I still have a 3 month recovery to go through before I can play with my arts and I'm so anxious so I know how you feel.
    Take it slow and follow the doctor's orders, it makes a difference. No need to rush things.
    We all miss you but we want you to take care of yourself also.
    Know that we love you and care about you and are sending you positive thoughts.
    Love & Hugs

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