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    domenica 17 maggio 2009


    joanna pierotti

    Hang in there Chel. I'm keeping you in my prayers. I'll be coming through Pleasanton tonight or tomorrow. Can I stop and see you at the hospital. Let me know, okay.
    love you,

    Iva Wilcox

    Feel better! Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. Hugs...Iva

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    gina gabriell


    Why the dark places find you I do not know. I wish I had a light bright enough to distract you and keep you here where love is glue and there is enough of it to mend what ever is broken.

    You rest in the cradle of the universe, just worries my friend there is nothing bigger or more important than this moment and the next healing step.

    We all break, we all fall, and we all need to be invisable until we can find the stength and clarity we need.

    Get well, come home and don't let anything or anyone stand in the way of this next important part of you life. Prepare to be enchanted, it get's better.

    Love you Chel,

    Call if you need to talk.


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