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    venerdì 14 agosto 2009


    Suzan Buckner

    Hello! Could you please email me concerning the $30 that ZNE automatically took out of my Paypal account today? I left ZNE months ago, and do not want to re-up. Please send me my money back. Thank you.Suzan

    Suzan Buckner

    Hi. Are you there? I need you to refund my $30. It cost me an extra $30 in a bounced fee from my bank account.So, I am basically out $60 dollars for this stupid stuff. Please email me. Your Paypal email sent my email back. . Thank you.

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    Patti Koosed

    I am confused and concerned.
    I see that some of these things here are 64 and 65 days old
    There is not much recent activity.
    I see people leaving ZNE right and left. I have a group here and I enjoy hosting it so I paid my membership a few weeks ago and today I get a refund from ZNE. What is going on? Is ZNE closing.
    Patti Koosed

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