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June 15, 2008


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Applause!!! Nice art too!


Love the artwork for this!!!

Stacey Merrill

My husband had a good chuckle when he saw this (that is him on the upper left corner)


Wonderful poem ladies and Stacey you managed to make the perfect art piece for our poem once again.


Your husband, Stacey? that's awesome!
I didn't see the poem as it was being finished - who wrapped it up? I couldn't see where that was going or how to bring it to a swift humorous conclusion - good job, somebody!
p.s. Is there an archive somewhere that we can see who added which parts on all our poems? I'd love that, especially when I'm away for a while and miss watching them get added onto day by day.


If someone can edit? Stanza 20 the line break should be between 'attend' and 'Gus grinned'.


Apology if I typed it wrong, but please on my lines #14 and 15, that should say "No sooner had Misses Petunia and Patch
settled themselves than up strolled their match." No comma.
"than", as in

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